The 'Generation Pro' is a local NGO, founded by Olanesti inhabitant mrs Natalia Caraion,who also works as teacher in the secondary school. The goals are, amongst others, improving education, in particular about ecology, and the social and cultural aspects within the community.

The biggest project so far was the construction of the 'Community Social Assistance Center
(see other menu entry for the community center.

Below a picture of mrs Caraion (left)  in the 'Community Center'.

community center


NB the 'Generation Pro' received subsidies for a number of years from the Swedisch government, unfortunatly this recently was ended, due to which a number of tasks  for the 'Community Center' such as Orphan house and hospice for elderly are becoming more difficult. In order to keep paid staff for these purposes, donations are highly welcome, in order to continue these activities !



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