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In Olanesti, NGO OK support is cooperating with other locat NGO's and the community center.


Olanesti is a small village in Southern Moldova (the poorest country in Eastern Europe).

The foundation Olanesti Kids Support (OK Support) was setup as official NGO
approved by Moldavian law in 2009 by  Dutch engineer J.E.F Kaan and
Ghenadie Bulai from Olanesti.


The village of Olanesti (South Moldova) has a small civil structure, with a mayor (primar) and a city council.  More info will be added later. For questions about this site, see contact info on the menu above.

Note that this is not the official site of the municipality of Olanesti, but a general information site, setup by foundation OK Support to inform the citizens of Olanesti about general activities. (2014)




Olanesti  has about five thousand inhabitants. It  is located in the
region of Causeni, near the river Djnestr,  near the Republic of Ukrain.